2014 Diamond Don's Riverport Vintage MX National

2014 marks the 12th year for the Diamond Don’s Riverport Vintage Motocross National. It is the world’s largest vintage mx race and packed full of fun and good racing.

Aerial view of the start/finish line area and the bulk of the track is in the trees strait ahead.

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The Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge race brings out some heavy hitters.

A pop of flash was needed to show some of the trick carbon fiber parts (tank, side panels, exhaust silencer) on Dr. D’s Yamaha.

Guy Cooper was on fire all weekend. He's seen here leading the Sportsman 500 Expert Class on a Team Bull Bultaco.

The race is held in Jefferson, TX which is bayou country. Jonathan Bren from New York, NY out runs a gator bite.

Jefferson has claims of being the most haunted place in Texas so as you’re looking out for gators make sure to look out for ghosts. I’m not sure if Michael Elshout of Minden, LA is going so fast because he thinks that 2-stroke smoke is a ghost or not. Either way he pulled a huge holeshot.

Tom Hudson of Smithville, TX went 4-2 for a podium finish of 3rd in the Sportsman 250 Expert Class.

Tim Wise of Sherwood, AR in moto 1 of the Sportsman 250 Intermediate Class.

Parker Jones, Apple Valley, CA, went 5-4 in the Sportsman 250 Expert Class for a 5th overall finish.

Team Bull’s Mark Stahlman navigates one of the tricky corners that was giving plenty of riders grief.

Mike Tollett battles with Elbert Simon in the 125 Expert class.

Tony Moseley takes a soil sample on that off camber left turn.

If one photo sums up this corner, this one of Darren Porter is it. Riders were getting cross rutted on roots, and the slick mud on an off camber slope proved to be a test for many.

Guy Cooper grabs the holeshot of the the Vintage 50+ Expert class.

Another Oklahoma native, Trey Jorski, was flying around this flat track style corner.

Jeff Hards of Houston, TX took his CZ to 6th overall in Vintage 50+ Expert.

Mike Tollett crosses it up with a wheelie.

And flies down into the woods portion of the track.

It was bright and sunny on saturday, but 90% of the track is covered by trees and shade. Dustin Ebert & Brent Mahlmann catch some sun at the starting gate before their Sportsman 250 Intermediate moto 2.


New for this year was a not so vintage concrete starting platform.

Jeff Nagel on his way to a 1st place in moto 2 of the Sportsman 125 Expert Class.

Travis Shackelford of Richmond, TX on his way to a 5-5 in the Sportsman 125 Expert Class for a 5th overall finish.


Sunday's races are reserved for the AHRMA Post Vintage classes but the Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge race was one of the best of the entire weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Jim Gibson at the finish line corner during moto 1 of the Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge race.

Scott Burnworth was leading when Doug Dubach locked up the brakes on the wet grass and slid into Scott causing them both to crash and letting Guy Cooper run off with the lead.

As you can see Scott wasn’t too happy with Dr. D.

Brad Cannon giving me the roost.

Cameron Stahlman went 1-1 in the PV Pre-Modern Intermediate Class.

Team Bull’s Ryan Marrocco rails the corner in the PV Historic 500 Expert class.

There are plenty of women tearing up the track as well. Here’s Charlene Cambell in the PV Women Expert class.

Kaitlyn Morrow was going so fast all weekend that this was about all anyone got to see, a blur. She left with multiple wins over the weekend.

Trampas Parker holeshots the Ultima 500 & 250 Experts.

David Baurer of Tremont, IL went 1-3 in Ultima 250 Intermediate for 3rd overall.

James Winn III gives us some crossed up style.

Elbert Simon ran the only Bultaco in the Ultima 250 Expert class to 7th overall.

Clayton Shively of Minden, LA went 2-3 for a PV 60+ Novice 2nd place finish.

Clayton Parker of Stonewall, LA won moto 1 of the Ultima 125 Expert class but had a DNS for moto 2 which resulted in a 4th overall.

Troy Rapp (PV 60+ Int) leads Shand Garcia (PV 40+ Int) & Mirko Lucchi (PV 40+ Int)

Bernard Murphy took 1-1 in PV 40+ Novice.

Brad Whitaker of Ft. Worth took home 6th in PV 40+ Intermediate.

Guy Cooper took the read from the start of moto 2 in another Marty Tripes 100cc thriller.

Jim Gibson, Cody Thomas, and Doug Dubach were close behind in the battle for third.

Jim Gibson closed in on Guy and Scott Burnworth.

But it was Guy Cooper taking both checkers on Sunday as he held off the field in moto 2.

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