2013 AHRMA Vintage MX National - Rio Bravo

The swampy woods of north Houston are home to a historical piece of American motocross history. Rio Bravo motocross park was the home of the 1973 Trans-AMA event where Jimmy Weinert went 3-2 to give us the first American to win a Trans-AMA event on American soil against the dominant europeans of that time. 

40 yrs later, the track is still a great spot to watch bikes of that era ripping up the historic dirt.

The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, or AHRMA, wraps up their Vintage Motocross National series here each year. If you’re in the area it’s a must watch for motocross fans craving a bit of nostalgia. Or if you have a bike that qualifies with the AHRMA rules, why not get it running and race the event yourself?! AHRMA has plenty of classes to keep things fair with so many evolutions in bike technology.

Here is a bit of my coverage of the Vintage and Post-Vintage races from Nov 9-10.