2015 Walters Round Up Club Rodeo

My photos of the Walters Round Up Club rodeo are available to purchase now. You can see quite a few here but make sure to visit the proofing gallery to see them all.


Top End Force RX Illustration

This is a vector illustration I've been working on for awhile.

The handcycle is a Top End Force RX with a Bike-On Quad Elite package with reverse braking. Grips are by Quad Grips with manual Sram Double Tap shifter. I designed my own set of custom graphics to give it a unique look. Wheels are by C7 Concepts. They are a full carbon fiber clincher rim running Continental GP4000s II tires, American Classic front hub, custom C7 rear hubs, Origin8 180mm rotor, SRAM 11-36 cassette, Wolf Tooth GC42t, and Sapim CX Ray spokes with Alloy nipples.


Stay tuned for photos from an upcoming photoshoot in the near future.

Bobby Goodin Memorial Sticker

Days after Bobby Goodin's tragic crash on Pikes Peak last year I was approached to create a sticker design that fit with a number of things that his family and crew had requested. The sticker was supposed to be a memorial and a way to promote the link to donate money to his family and the Motorcycle Safety Fund created in his name. During that early time, PPIHC had no easy URL to get to the donation page so I suggested making one that was simple and short and would fit on the sticker. "" was the link I had to work with to fit on a small sticker and be easy to type in for donators. "" is what I had suggested and it seemed as if they were going to make that happen.

Meanwhile I took the immediate crew & family's requests into consideration for the design which were: colors black & white, have his number 86 somewhere, ppihc logo, victory sign made with a hand (think peace sign). This sticker design was also to become the logo for the safety fund.

The sticker Casey Mears ran on his car in Daytona

The sticker Casey Mears ran on his car in Daytona

The design was done and submitted to the PPIHC office by the race official who requested my help with the design work although a short URL had yet to be made. It took two weeks for a response that they were going to do something different. By the end of July, PPIHC was promoting the fund with the sticker that Casey Mears ran on his car in memory of Bobby in the Daytona NASCAR race following the conclusion of Pikes Peak. They finally came up with a URL it wasn't a short one. At least it was something better than the direct link to the Sports Corp form, but not that easy to put onto a sticker design for ease of use and promotion of the cause.

Early in August they posted a press release stating that you could get the Casey Mears replica sticker if you donated $20 or more. While that may be a good way to incentivize donations, I'm not sure it did much to promote the safety fund and Bobby's legacy. I could be wrong. My design and sticker were to promote the fund, Bobby and show you where to go if you wanted to donate. I donated my time to a design to not get utilized. I'm not a NASCAR celebrity but that's not what needs to be promoted here. If you see the sticker I created in the future you'll know exactly what it's about. Let's continue to support the ongoing safety fund for more safety features for the motorcycle and quad competitors on Pikes Peak all while honoring the memory of Bobby Goodin.


Below is the design I created back in the first week of July excluding the URL replacement which was changed later. The backside liner was to be printed as well.

Bobby Goodin Memorial Sticker with back side printed liner

Bobby Goodin Memorial Sticker with back side printed liner